Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Once again we have Scottie girls in our home!!  Meet Miss Dottie (on the left ~ 5 1/2 years old) and Little Olive (age 4).  These sweeties belong to my daughter and my grand kids.  As far as we know the girls will be living with us for a few months until the family can get resettled.

If you have never been loved by a Scottie dog, I feel sad for you.  I have had this breed in our home for 42 years and while they all share similarities, they each have their own special traits, tricks and personality.  Miss Dottie is a bit reserved, although she's a sweetheart and I still see a lot of puppy in her when she plays.  She's an extremely beautiful specimen of a Scottie and she knows it!  I've never met a better watchdog than Dottie.

Little Olive is the happiest Scottie I've known.  She's always loving, snuggling and at my side.  She was raised by Dottie and the two get along famously.  Olive has beautiful gold eyes and has a fabulous disposition ~~ she's a real Lovebug. 

Many of you know that we lost our 14 yo Scottie, Miss Molly, three months ago.  Although no other dog will ever replace her, it's great having new life in the house.  It's been too quiet for me since Molly left.

On the quilting side of life, I just finished binding a small quilt for Cardinal Glennon PICU.  It's bright and cheerful and has a beach theme.

Life is settling down for us a bit and I should be able to post more often now. 

Wishing all of you a terrific day filled with Peace & Plenty!

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  1. The Scotties sure are handsome , beautiful . You will be loathe to let them go back home
    Lovely colours on the quilt