Saturday, July 20, 2013


This week has literally flown by.  I guess it's because I've been so busy with the dogs, who are adjusting quite well.  Miss Dottie still insists on using our living room furniture in the morning while I'm on the computer.  Little Olive hates to have her feet handled, but she is gradually trusting me more and more and now lets me pull twigs and pebbles from her paws. 

Our weather was over the moon hot today.  In the afternoon we had a thunderstorm with hail that was pretty impressive to watch.  I love the sideways rain!

Yesterday I trimmed the edges of the quilt I'm making for my DGS's birthday later this month.  I will post pictures after I get the binding done.  My head is full of new projects and ideas.  I got a nice shipment of fabric from Missouri Star yesterday ~~  two layer cakes and two charm packs.  Some of you will write me to say that I am supposed to be on a fabric diet ~~  but these items were ordered before I made that decision!!! (insert ghoulish laugh here).

Speaking of ghouls, do you realize that Halloween is about three months away? Time to get busy on our spooky projects.   Last Fall I made a Halloween quilt but I couldn't get it finished in time for Halloween ~~~

We don't really celebrate Halloween and never get any trick-or-treaters since we live in the country, but I love the gorgeous bright colors of Halloween prints.  This was a fun but labor intensive quilt to make.  Sometimes the things that look simple aren't!  I'm thinking of washing it before I display it since it's been folded up for a year. 

I am often asked how I wash my quilts:  I have a large capacity washer.  I use mild detergent, cold water and a delicate cycle.  Unless my quilts have been washed a few times and I'm positive they don't bleed, I use a few color catcher sheets in the wash water.  Then the quilts are dried to slightly damp in the dryer on low heat (redistribute your quilt a few times during the drying cycle) and then spread the quilt on a spare bed to finish drying.  If you have a ceiling fan over that bed, turn it on to speed things up.  If you will be folding and storing your quilt make sure it is completely dry before doing so.

Now it's off to bed for me before this becomes an all-nighter.

                                    Blessings To Everyone,   Barb

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