Sunday, July 28, 2013


So far it's been a perfect country Sunday.  We were able to sleep in a little this morning and the Girls cooperated with us.  After a walk around the garden and picking a few ripe tomatoes and zucchinis, I wandered back indoors and made a pot of Mexican hot cocoa....yum.  We had cups of foamy chocolate with some Panera bagels I found while organizing the freezer yesterday.  This held us until I cooked the 'real' breakfast later.

We are enjoying an incredible harvest of tomatoes this year, so much so that I'm inspired to make a tomato quilt.  More on that later.  So far I'm going through my stash (which Hubs swears is a full fabric store) looking for different shades of red prints. It won't be a large quilt, maybe something I can fold and put on the back of a kitchen chair or hang on the wall.  I love quilts in the kitchen.  I know the environment isn't the best for quilts, but with homes having open concepts nowadays I figure the kitchen air can't be much worse than in any other room of our house.   

I made a quick trip to the market earlier today and picked up some grapes and cherries.  It will be a good fruit week!  Lately we have been enjoying sherbet as a nice break from ice cream.  It's so refreshing and colder than cold when the weather is so hot.  A few years back I made several freezers of fresh fruit sorbet and froze it in small containers.  We enjoyed that project for two years.  I made strawberry, fresh peach/nectarine, blueberry, blackberry and lemon.  I love large kitchen projects and I think that's why I volunteer to cook for so many funerals and benefits. 

Dinner is going to be a super easy affair today ~~ skillet enchiladas.  Corn tortillas (about 12) are cut into squares and browned in a little oil and removed from the skillet to cool.    Brown a pound of hamburger with a little onion and when that is done add a can of red enchilada sauce and heat through. Once everything is nice and hot, the tortilla bits are stirred into the mixture and everything is covered with cheese, black olive slices, green onions and dollops of sour cream.  You can serve the sour cream on the side.  This is a simple and satisfying meal.  If you need something else to serve with it, Mexican rice and/or black beans smashed a little and refried.  Often it's the simple food I seem to enjoy the most. 

I wish you a relaxing Sunday with your family and friends.  I'm definitely counting my blessings today and I'm so thankful that Life Is Good. 

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