Friday, July 26, 2013


All is well in our little corner of the world.  I had a hectic day yesterday and it feels nice having that behind me.  It promises to be a beautiful summer day today.

The tomatoes are giving us a bumper harvest of perfect tomatoes.  Some of the problems (splitting, black bottom, worms, etc) are not a bother this year.  Every time I leave the house I take a bagful to pass along to someone.  I can remember how thrilled I was whenever I was gifted with homegrown produce when I wasn't able to grow my own.  Sharing food is a real blessing for the giver and the receiver. 

We have been eating tomatoes every way I know how to fix them:  marinara sauce, tomato tart, tomato pie, salsa, BLTs, scalloped, tomatoes stuffed with tuna, cottage cheese or egg salad, tomato sandwiches, tomato jam, plain sliced, Italian bread salad with tomatoes, etc.  We haven't even begun to get tired of them! 

My sewing room has been sitting idle for a few days.  I plan to remedy this situation later this morning after I get a little cleaning done around here.  I made my Grandson a nice quilt for his birthday and today I will make a coordinating pillowcase or two. 

The pattern for this quilt is possibly the easiest block of all time.  If it has an official name I believed it's referred to as the Framed Square.  I took 5" squares and sewed 2 1/2" strips around the sides.  The fabric line is called Rising Sun and, as you can tell, it has a southwest theme.  The colors are rich and vibrant and I loved making this for my only grandson who will be 19 on the 29th.  The Girls gave their stamp of approval and semi posed for a quick picture. I machine embroidered the feather label with my Janome 9500. 

Our wonderful Scottie girls, Dottie & Olive, are taking their first nap of the day after enjoying their breakfast.  Scotties are such interesting and entertaining pets...we love them almost to distraction!  The older one, Dottie, is the best canine communicator I've ever known.  She is also a fine watchdog.  Little Olive goes with the flow and spends at least half of her life on her back waiting for tummy rubs.  Dottie likes her rubs and attention from one person, me.  I have an advantage in the canine pecking order around here because I'm their source of food and snacks!  

I hope all is well in your life right now and that you feel like I do when I say that Life Is Good!!

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