Thursday, September 5, 2013


Most of you know that Hubby and I are caring for my daughter's two Scottie dogs....Dottie & Olive.  They are the sweetest and most adorable pups you could wish for. 


Scottie dogs have their unique profile due to the skill of an experienced groomer.  Our groomer, Auntie Claudia, has groomed my dogs (all Scotties) for the past 22 years.  Today was Dottie & Olive's beauty day.  Auntie Claudia requires the dogs to be checked in at her shop no later than 6 am, which is quite a trick for me since I live one town over.   I got up extra early this morning, fed the Girls, got Jeff's lunch ready for him and off I went to Auntie Claudia's with my little darlings in the back seat. 

The trip to Auntie Claudia's was uneventful...that is until it came time to get the Girls into the shop.  Dottie jumped out of the car on command with no problem, but Sweet Olive declined.  Once she was extracted from the car she put her ears back and with a push extracted her head from her collar and she took off running around the back of the car.  Fortunately she didn't head for the highway.  Mind you it was still totally dark.  A propane gas company shares the parking lot with Auntie Claudia, so I spent about 20 minutes chasing Olive round and round propane tanks in knee-high grass and weeds wearing a pair of flip-flops.  Talk about frustration!!

Both darlings were totally exhausted from their beauty day when they got home.  All three of us collapsed and took nice long naps!  Olive had her big adventure for the day, Dottie looks so sleek and glamorous and I'm worn to a frazzle!!

This surely isn't what's meant by Dog Days of Summer!!

          May Peace & Plenty Abound in Your Life!

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