Monday, September 2, 2013


Occasionally I take a foray into the world of crafting and most times I regret it.  I'm not a crafter and the whole glue gun thing reminds me of that every time I heat it up!  I am a quilter and I need to remind myself next time I'm tempted to craft!

The little tidbit that lured me toward the glue gun is an accessory for quilting.  These are golf tee pincushions.  You just pop one into a spool of thread when you are hand sewing.  The flower center will hold a few pins and a needle.  I thought they would be a literal breeze to whip up, but I found them tedious.    I managed to complete 8 pincushions, thinking they might make good tuck-in gifts for a few of my quilty friends.

Petals are sewn and gathered and glued onto a golf tee.  Next a circle is gathered and stuffed for the pincushion center.  Lastly, a circle of felt us cut and glued to the underside to hide the gathering stitches.  Should you decide to give this craft a try, you can find the pattern here:

Until next time, I wish you loads of Peace & Plenty!

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