Friday, September 20, 2013


Yesterday I was cleaning out a drawer and ran across a little handprint in a circle of pink Play Dough my daughter made me when she was 4 ~~  she's now 48.  It's as hard as petrified wood and is in near perfect condition after all these years.

I can remember the hours she would spend shaping, rolling, squeezing and cutting out her Play Dough creations.  Her projects really came to life when she figured out she could make hair by squeezing some PD through a garlic press.  The world was full of wonder and imagination and she ran with it.  We had PD handprints, ornaments, little dough people, jewelry, etc.  Her hands could barely keep up with her imagination. 

Sometimes I wonder what state my imagination is in.  Even in quilting I seem to turn to tried and true patterns rather than to imagine and create my own.  I hope I'm not totally being satisfied by the status quo.  With this in mind, I took a tour of some of the quilts on Pinterest this morning.  What a source of inspiration!  If you have never done this, set aside 15 minutes and enjoy the creativity and imagination of other quilters.

Okay, where's my sketch pad and colored pencils......

Wishing you a day filled with Peace & Plenty.


  1. Lovely blog Barb.
    They have black snakes in Cyprus . The saying is that they keep the mice and rats down . I never saw one but my son and D in law did . I would be terrified.
    I have had a good day too . Just a little shadow hanging over me , a pair of trousers to turn up for a neighbour . If I set my mind to it I could lift that cloud in 1 hr