Monday, September 16, 2013


There is a nip of early Fall in the air lately.  If I look closely I can see the maple trees beginning to turn red and the sumac has turned red to purple already.  It's much more comfortable to be outdoors and this is the perfect time to work with the flowers.  It will soon be cool enough for sweatshirts, flannel jammies and socks!

Fall is my favorite season.  We love sitting around our burn pit with friends with a huge pot of chili and pans of cornbread and brownies set out.  Sometimes we also put out baked potatoes and all the trimmings.  Chili and cheese are great on baked potatoes.  You should give it a try.   There's nothing quite like the combination of good friends and simple good food and a cozy fire. 

I have been looking at a few new soup recipes that I will give a try as soon as the time is right.  We love homemade soup and homemade bread as a full meal.  I will share a few recipes as I go.  I'm attracted to recipes with different types of greens and squash as ingredients.  The one time I made squash soup Hubby wasn't thrilled.  I think I just need to find the right recipe. 

The impatiens in the containers across the front of the garage are still thriving.  Everything else is pretty much done except for banana peppers in the veggie area.

My sewing room has been left undisturbed for several days.  I managed to get a few of the Love Letters blocks done that I mentioned in a previous post.  My sewing sure has taken a lot of ups and downs this year. 

My prayers continue for those affected by the ravages of the flooding in Colorado. 

Wishing You Peace & Plenty wherever you are.....

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