Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Yesterday I went for some of my well-woman tests and also got a flu shot.  Today I feel a little 'off', so I'll be taking life easy and spending most of the day in my sewing room.  Flu shots always make me feel crummy for a day or so, but the protection I get from them makes it worth it. 

When I got home yesterday a package from Missouri Star was waiting for me on the front porch.  I love front door surprises and there's nothing quite like new fabric!

 I received a gorgeous layer cake of Vin du Jour fabric.  I had ordered a charm pack of the same fabric a week or so ago and liked it so much I jumped at the chance to also buy a layer cake that was on sale.

 I love the colors of this fabric line ~~  dark plums that are vintage looking.  I'm thinking of making a framed square with posts in the corners.  So far just thinking.  Pictures will follow after my mind settles on what to make.  This fabric would be gorgeous in the You've Got Mail pattern, but I already have one of those going. 

I will meet you here again soon.

I hope your Tuesday is filled with Peace & Plenty!!

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