Tuesday, October 29, 2013


The picture above was taken last weekend as the sun was rising.  I thought the rays breaking through the fog were beautiful. 

One of the many great things about retirement is having the freedom to move along at your own pace ~~  work if you want to work  ~~  play if you want to play.  Lately I've been playing more that working.  Another wonderful thing about retirement is having the time to volunteer your time and the work of your hands and give back to others out of the abundance in your life.

I'm currently working on some pillowcases that will go to children who will be spending Christmas in the hospital.  I enjoy making pillowcases and this time I'm making them with French seams so there are no raw edges anywhere inside the cases.  There is a wonderful tutorial on this method at Crafty Gemini on YouTube if you are interested.  Since I no longer have a serger, this method works really well.

So far I have two completed and have quite a stack left to make.  Juvenile novelty prints are so happy that you can't help smiling when you make something with them.  I'll post more pictures as I complete them.  I think I'm making 12 or so.

I ran across a dog biscuit recipe in a catalog yesterday and gave it a try my way.  The catalog wants you to buy silicone molds, but since I have dog bone shaped cutters I made the dough stiffer, rolled it out and cut them and did a little egg wash to make them look more appetizing to people!  Dottie and Olive did backflips over these.  Some of the ingredients were peanut butter, a smashed banana, cornmeal, oats and vanilla.  If you are interested in the actual recipe, let me know and I will post it here.

My Hubby Jeff says he never knows what he will walk in to when he gets home from work!

JUST A REMINDER!!!  The Giveaway drawing is just a few days away  ~~  you still have time to sign up and participate.

Wishing you a great day  ~~~  Barb

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