Thursday, October 24, 2013


Sugar Maple in our front yard

This has been a slow day.  A quick run to our local bank and grocery store to pick up a few bargains took less than 30 minutes this morning.  I love the simplicity of living in a small town.  I also love bargains, which seem to be few and far between anymore.  I really miss our garden.  Two months ago I was begging people to take heaps of tomatoes off our hands and now I have to pay for inferior produce.  Just part of the cycle of the seasons.

The Girls (Dottie & Olive) and I took a leisurely walk through our woods this morning.  Scottie dogs are totally ruled by their noses.  They often put their nose to the ground and follow it and when they look up they're lost and don't have a clue which way is home.  This is why we keep close track of them.  Miss Dottie kept trying to eat acorns (a real no-no) and Sweet Olive mimics everything Dottie does.  We had a good time of walking through piles of leaves and enjoying the cool Fall air.  I should make more mornings like this happen. 

Our local newspaper included a community cookbook this week.  I see some really tempting recipes to try.  Most of them I will try over the holidays when we have more mouths to feed around our table. 

The names for the giveaway are trickling in real steady.  It's not too long until the drawing on November 7th.  I wish all of you who entered good luck!!!

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