Monday, April 14, 2014


In quilter shorthand a UFO is an unfinished project (object).  Most of us who quilt don't possess the discipline to finish one project before embarking on a new one.  I should be at the front of this line!  Hubby says I'm like a crow that is attracted to anything shiny except I'm drawn to every fabric I see.  I can usually think of at least 3 projects to make with each fabric until I buy it and bring it home.  Sound familiar?  Well, it doesn't make us bad people, does it!  We just have creative vision. 

Actually the current stack of blocks I'm working on will be my third UFO to complete so far this year.  I finished Hubby's Double Slice quilt and it's on the bed in our spare room.  The cute fish pillow was a recent find at Walmart.

The New Circle quilt is with my LAQer Reggie being turned into something wonderful with her magic touch:

I'm currently sorting blocks to sew into a quilt called You've got Mail.  I've renamed mine Love Letters.  It's a half-square triangle (HST) quilt that resembles open envelopes when the rows are sewn together.  The fabric is from the Josephine line from Moda.  For some reason I'm not thrilled with this project but I will finish it and go on to yet another set of blocks in the UFO pile.  Can you see the open envelopes?  The colors are primarily turkey red, brown and cream.

My blocks are made with 10" squares but when made with 5" squares you get the cutest little envelopes that remind me of valentines.  There are tutorials for this pattern and also for making HSTs the quick and easy way at Missouri Star Quilt Company. 

That's pretty much what's going on in my corner of the Ozarks at the moment.  This week is the countdown to Easter. 

Wishing you heaps of blessings, Barb

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  1. I really like your Valentine's "You've Got Mail" It looks like it's something MAYBE I could make it. Yea, O.K.