Monday, April 7, 2014


I have a lot of thread ~~ not too much thread, just enough thread to last me through floods, droughts, bankruptcy and every quilting frenzy I might indulge in.  The real problem here is disorganized thread. 

I have a thread rack of neutrals, which is what I use most for piecing quilts.  It's pretty simple to keep this organized.  The stacks of white bobbins are for machine embroidery.  The little sock monkey is my quilting mascot.

Then I have a cute pistachio green retro rack that holds quite a bit of colored cotton thread and multiples of black, gray and burgundy embroidery thread.  This rack, although I find it cute, is hard for me to use because I have to stretch over the table to reach it.  Bad placement for this rack for sure.  My logic was that it would be out of the sunlight. 

The real issue emerged when I took up machine embroidery and HAD to have every shade of every color, some in multiples just in case.  So far I'm waiting for Jeff to find the time to build me a rack for the embroidery thread.  For now they are mostly separated by color family and stuffed into plastic bags and then into a drawer.  To build a rack large enough for this collection may require building a larger house. 

I also have plastic shoeboxes filled with hand quilting and specialty threads.  Then there is the perle cotton in balls and hanks.  We won't even mention embroidery thread, which I have special cabinets to house.  I recently discovered how nice Aurifil thread works in my new machine and have a small and growing collection of neutral colors, which I'm keeping separated from my other neutrals.  I doubt the Aurifil will catch cooties from the thread on the rack, but it has it's own plastic box that I keep on the sewing table. 

I'm determined to find an efficient solution to my thread storage issue.  I have donated large amounts of thread to other quilters and to organizations that do charity sewing.  One of the problems is that I have little wall space in my sewing room not taken up by fabric cabinets.  Have you seen the price of commercial thread racks! 

Good ideas and suggestions are welcome.  For now I remain a redhead with disorganized thread.


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