Thursday, April 10, 2014


We watch the news every evening at our house and I'm always struck by the contrast of what I see on the TV screen and our lives.  I always come away thankful that I live in the country where most of my neighbors have kind hearts and gentle spirits.  I think that most regular followers of my blog are kindred spirits who love the wholesome, homemade and gentler things in life.  Here are a few things that are going on with me right now.

Outside my window ....... The Bradford pear trees are just beginning to bloom. There is a hint of fog hanging over the pine trees. Brown cottontail bunnies are playing on the edge of the yard.  Before long the box turtles will pass through on their slow journey to our woods.  I think I saw a hummingbird this morning buzzing around where the feeder hangs. 

I can hear ....... Sweet Olive snoring while she naps with Dottie on the chaise in the corner of the living room.  Scottie dogs are such wonderful little beings.

I am thinking ....... about starting a new quilt even though I have several UFOs I could finish quickly.

I am thankful .......  for quilting friends who have become part of my extended family.

In my kitchen ....... is a large head of cabbage that will be transformed into coleslaw to have with our dinner tonight.  Two sticks of butter and eggs are warming up on the counter for a surprise batch of chocolate chip cookies for Jeff. 

I am wearing ....... flannel pajamas and a pair of Hubby's warm hunting socks.   

I am reading ..... To Kill A Mockingbird for the umpteenth time.  I learn something new from this book every time I read it.

I am hoping ....... that Spring will settle in so we can plant flowers and freshen up the outside of our house.  I'm anxious to get my hands in the soil. 

I am looking forward ....... to getting away with Hubby for a weekend in Branson or Paducah.  There are great quilts and fabric shops in both towns but Branson has shows and entertainment.  Hubby and I really need a break.

Around the house ....... things are still messed up from the water heater problems we have been having this week.  I need to finish cleaning up the mess.

I am creating ....... sketches for my next quilting room  for when we are able to build a new home.  While my current sewing room is cozy and organized there are things I need that I can't have due to lack of space - a design wall, designated cutting area, etc. 

I am learning ....... that it's okay to take a day and do nothing.  I was raised to redeem your days.  In other words, a good day of work for a day of life.  Doing nothing can refresh a soul, slow a body down and give you time to think and count your blessings. 

Wishing you a blessed day .......Barb

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  1. Thanks for this insight Barb. It's nice to just "be". It opens your mind to what is around you, allowing yourself to find gratitude.

    You have enough, you do enough, you are enough.