Monday, August 19, 2013


Sometimes the Girl Scout in me rises to the surface (after all these years) and I contemplate life and what I need to do to get things organized.  Although I have all the important things taken care of, I often wonder how hubby would deal with the mountain of fabric, threads and UFOs that inhabit the sewing room.  Although it's evident that I have quite a stash of sewing fabric and other supplies, I'm sure hubby doesn't have a clue how much fabric I REALLY have!  This makes me smile a big SMILE.

Facing reality, I know I will never use up everything I have bought.  Maybe I should start up an online fabric shop, or maybe find a guild/charity/sister quilter(s )to leave my stash to. 
Even if I live to 100 I most likely won't be sewing all that time.  For now, as my birthday looms in a few months, I will relish the stack, piles and shelves. 

Yesterday I finished sewing a pillowcase and a quilt binding and have crossed those items off my To Do list.  I have a lot of skillets in the fire right now and making a list daily really helps keep me on track. 

We are already putting parts of our garden to bed for the year.  The monsoon rain we had recently caused much of our garden to rot in the ground (buckets).  The tomatoes are gone but we still have peppers and zucchini squash. 

We will have chicken & dumplings for dinner tonight. The chicken is stewing while I write this so it has time to cool before taking it off the bones.  I haven't cooked a decent meal for several days now, so tonight I will make the effort to feed us better.  We will have chicken and dumplings, steamed veggies and homemade rolls and applesauce.  Dottie & Olive will love the leftover broth and chicken bits.  Dogs eat pretty well at our house!

Wishing you all a good Monday.  Remember to SMILE!


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