Sunday, August 25, 2013


Off and on for the past few weeks I have been working on a little tomato quilt to celebrate our tomato harvest this year.  Despite the continuous rain, black bottom rot, tomato worms, etc, we had an incredible harvest.  We had enough to pass along to our neighbors, tenants and to eat more BLT's than any two humans should!  The harvest is over but the memories will remain. 

We garden in 5-gallon buckets.  One of my best memories was a day when severe storms with hail was predicted and my gardener hubby loaded all the buckets onto our trailer and drove them to safety in the garage until the storm passed!  You've got to love a man like that!! 

My goal is to take the tomato quilt to my wonderful LAQer Reggie some time this week.  I still need to correct the alignment of two seams and add the borders and it will be ready to quilt except for the backing.

Last night I was taking a look at it and turned my back for about a minute and the Girls moved in to give it a test nap before it's quilted ~~~~  they approve.

The same pattern could easily become an apple quilt just by changing the stem.  It was a fun and easy sew!

Wishing you all a blessed Sunday!

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