Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Just when I thought the storms were passing they started up again.  We have water covering half of our front porch and if it continues at this rate we will be flooded indoors in just a few hours.  This is a nervous time. One of our local banks has several inches of water in the lobby and a small town not far from here had to be totally evacuated and the downtown area is completely under water.  We don't live on or even near the water.  This problem is due to our ground being oversaturated with water and unable to absorb any more.  Our front yard looks like a lake.

After lunch I will be having a long and invasive dental procedure.  This is a continuation of the work I began in late June that couldn't go forward at that time.  I was sent home to heal for a few weeks and today is the second attempt.  I know I don't need to say how much I'm dreading this!

I was able to sew a few blocks together on the tomato quilt yesterday but still not enough progress to take pictures.  The past few days I've had to 'go with the flow' (literally).

Dinner tonight will be left up Jeff, who can cook almost everything I can, thanks to being a bachelor all his life until we got married a few years ago.  He vaguely remembers that he used to clean and do!

I will try to post again tomorrow.  Until then, stay safe wherever you are and remember those of us who are dealing with too much rain.

Peace & Blessings ~~~~   Barb

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