Friday, August 16, 2013


Since I haven't been venturing out much lately I made a quick trip to the wonderful little fabric store here in town.  As luck would have it, they had just received a shipment of some very nice Christmas prints.  Since I have been toying around with the idea of making a Dresden Plate Christmas quilt, I decided to give these fabrics a try ~~~

The fabrics are from the Holiday Frost line by Henry Glass.  I plan to use the dark red as the background blocks and the gray/white/black prints for the blades.  I like gray as a new holiday neutral.  It made a comeback last year and I'm so glad it's still around.  I would like to come up with something special for the center circles. 

There were also some black prints but I thought they would be too bold on the plates.  I'm going to try to exercise some restraint with this project! I definitely an not afraid of color, so exercising color restraint doesn't come easy for me.  I'm sure I will be asking for your opinion along the way.

A few hints for quilters:

I use a lint roller to not only clean threads off myself and my work table, but also for cleaning my cutting mat.  You might be surprised what you pick up!

Eyeglass cases make good holders for your rotary cutters.  Also, inexpensive potholders can be folded in half and sewn along one edge to make a pocket for your cutters.

If you do paper piecing, save one of your old rotary blades for cutting your paper-pieced segments apart. 

Wishing you a great weekend! 

                          Peace & Plenty

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