Saturday, May 12, 2012

Back Door Friends Welcome Here!

Every time I watch TV lately I see more commercials for personal and home invasion security systems.  I'm in favor of personal body alarms for those who might require medical help due to age, accidents or health issues.  I do so many wacky things around here I may put one of those on my Wish List for next Christmas! 

We seldom lock our doors and certainly never lock our vehicles when we are out and about.  One of the perks to this is that if the UPS driver has a package for me and I am shopping in a store in town, quite often I will find my package sitting in the passenger seat of my vehicle!  How's that for service above and beyond!  It's a good thing when it's safe to leave a vehicle unlocked.  Finding the occasional unknown senior citizen sitting in my car in a parking lot is an interesting matter.  Usually they think they are sitting in the vehicle that brought them to town.   Before long some frantic family member searching the parking lot and I'm able to present them with their lost loved one.  I've had some delightful conversations with these sweethearts!  One dear lady tried hitting me with her purse because she thought I was kidnapping her!

Some neighbors and friends are what we call Back Door friends.  These are the dear souls you don't mind entering your home even if it means seeing your house at it's worst.  Back door friends are welcome the same as family to make themselves at home.  I chuckle at this, because we don't have a back door due to living in an earth home and both our doors being in the front of our house!  Our friends and family all know that regardless of what side of the house our back door is on,  it is always open to them if they ever need anything.

Today I'm sharing a Double Wedding Ring quilt made by my Grammy Rose in the 1930's.  This quilt is 90 inches square, which seems rather large for quilts made in that era.  The old fabrics are still in very nice condition.  This quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted and has been gently used.  Thank you, Grammy!

Thank you for taking the time to are welcome here any time as a back door friend!!

Hugs & Stitches, Barb

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  1. Gracious ifwe left our cars unlocked or the doors to our houses unlocked we would come back to find the house emptied and our cars stolen. It must be wonderful to live in that sort of environment.