Friday, May 25, 2012


I have told you about my Grammy Rose and her wonderful quilts, Grandma Nan and my Mom Ruby.  I also had a terrific Dad and my wonderful Grandpa Bob (Dad's father).  My Dad fought in WWII and the Korean War, which meant my Mom needed to work in his absence.  My Grandparents wouldn't hear of me being left with a sitter, so I stayed with them and Grammy Rose in Doniphan, Missouri  until I was old enough to go to school.  These were the very best years of my life and the memories I still carry in my heart are priceless. 

Bob (I never called him Grandpa or PawPaw) was larger than life, being 6 1/2 feet tall and muscular.  He was as gentle as he was large, soft spoken and had a great sense of humor.  Bob was the center of my world and I absolutely adored him.  Bob taught me how to spit like a boy, hammer nails, bait a fish hook, whistle, call pigs and to shoot a slingshot.  Grandma Nan (not to mention my very proper Grammy Rose) didn't approve of most of the things Bob taught me!!

I guess it comes as no surprise that every teddy, doll or live animal I had was named Bob...yes, everything I owned that could be named was named Bob!  That should give you a hint of how much I adored my Bob.  Bob went to Heaven February 3, 1991 and his last words were, "Tell Bar (Barb) I love her."  Six days after Bob passed I became a Grandma for the first time and now I understand the adoration grandparents have for their children's children. 

Here's a picture of my one remaining Bob doll.  Her head, hands and feet are china and her body is muslin stuffed with sawdust.  The sweater, hat and booties were mine as a baby.

Memorial Day is celebrated this weekend.  Originally it was named Decoration Day, a time to remember those fallen in battle.  Since its inception, it has expanded to include remembering loved ones who have passed from our lives.  Our weekend will include a visit to the cemetery where Grammy Rose, Nan and Bob are buried.  I don't need a special day to remember them ~ they are a living part of my heart.

Bless you as your remember your loved ones and honor their memory this weekend.

Peace & Blessings  ~  Barb

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  1. Happy Memorial Day Barb! Your Bob sounds wonderful!! I envy the great memories you have of spending time with your grandparents. My only living grandparent, my mom's dad, passed away when I was 4 yrs old and I barely remember him. But I am making great memories with my own grandchildren and those are priceless.