Monday, May 14, 2012

My Life In Stitches

If you are a quilter, why do you quilt?  What first drew you to quilting and what keeps you making quilts?

My Grammy Rose began quilting out of necessity in the early 1900's to keep her four daughters and herself warm.  She would use old blankets inside her quilts as batting.  Later in life when she was no longer raising her family she began making what she called fancy quilts, quilts made just for enjoyment.  She continued making her fancy quilts until a few months before her passing.

Grammy passed her love of sewing and quilting down to me.  Her daughter Maude (my Nan) was a superb seamstress, but she never took up quilting because quilts reminded her of her childhood when the family struggled.  I must have been next in line because I began learning to sew at the age of four and haven't stopped yet.  Grammy taught me with the patience of a  true saint and I'm deeply grateful to her for giving  me something that would be a source of pleasure and fulfillment for my entire life. 

I make quilts because I love fabric and what better way to surround yourself with beautiful textiles!  I also love that quilts are so useful, beautiful and treasured.   I make quilts because each one is unique and holds special memories.   Quilting makes me have to slow down and concentrate on something other than daily issues.  Quilters have always been drawn together in a special camaraderie...whether it be in a church setting, quilt guild or online forum.  The quilters I know are some of the most creative, caring and kind women and men I've ever met.  If you have a minute, please leave a comment about why you quilt. 

The quilt I'm sharing today is a bit of a mystery to me.  It's been in my collection as far back as I can remember, yet I have no information about this little quilt.  Some of the fabrics have faded almost white.  It's heavy for its size and I can feel cotton seeds under the top.  The back is solid yellow.  This is a quilt I enjoy on the wall, but where we live now we have little wall space so it isn't being used.

Whatever your reason for quilting there's room for all of us in the family of quilters and quilt lovers.

Wherever you are have a quilty day!  Barb

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  1. Great to read your blog!

    I started quilting just 6 month ago.......when my daughter left for an exchangestudent year in the USA I've been thinking; this might be a good time as any to start quilting, I thought about it for a couple of months and in october I thought I could do it......
    I've sewing for a long time, but making a quilt was on my list for years and years and I never did.
    So being homesick for my "little" girl (17 years young) and all, I bought fabric and watched tutorials on Youtube.....and got started.
    The last 6 months I made at least 7 quilts......I can't stop....
    In five weeks my daughter will be home, but I will keep on going making quilts...........