Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This day is shaping up to be's a cool morning and the hummingbirds are doing their dance around the feeder.  It's amazing how bold they become once they know you won't hurt them.  They are truly a miracle of nature.

My Hubby is off work today so we will be working in the yard, planting a few more flowers and power washing our garage so it can be sealed.  We live in a cedar home and it requires some annual maintenance to keep the wood from changing color.

Yesterday we had a major computer crash and I spent almost two hours online with our support team....they restored everything, only to have it crash again.  The second repair took less than an hour and I think we are up and running strong! 

The day got away from me yesterday and my good intentions to add borders to at least one quilt flew out the window.  So much for conquering my 'Border Block'.  With Hubby home today I'm sure no sewing will get done....such are my days.

I am going to share my favorite quilt with you today.  It's a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt hand pieced and hand quilted by my Grammy Rose.  This quilt was made in the mid 1930's and the fabrics are beautiful.  The little diamonds outlining/connecting each flower are justs slivers.  I can't imagine sewing something that tiny and getting it so perfect. Except for wear on the binding the quilt is in very good condition.  This quilt makes me smile when I see blocks where Grammy "made do" by using a different fabric in some of her flowers because she ran out of the main fabric.  Grammy was a "make do" kind of woman!  I remember this quilt on my bed as a young child and I'm sure it has been washed and washed and most likely bleached a few times....women in our family are fanatical about getting the laundry clean!!!

I made the hexies in the second picture...they don't even begin to hold a candle to Grammy's.

Thanks for stopping by.....Hugs & Happy Stitching

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  1. I would like to do a similar quilt and bought the hexies template. Now I was wondering what your grandmother did after the white hexies. That greyish line? Is that embroidery or what?
    Would be interesting to know.
    Thanks in advance.