Friday, May 4, 2012

Here I go!..Taking the plunge into the world of blogging!!!

I'm an avid quilter who lives in the foothills of the beautiful Missouri Ozarks in a tiny rural community where there are more heads of cattle than people.  Ours is a quiet community filled with dear hearts and gentle people.  I live at the end of a country lane and spend much of my time quilting, gardening and enjoying life in a pine forest. 

I would like to welcome all like-minded souls to join me on this stroll down my country lane.....


  1. Yeah!! You did it.
    Good for you, I hope you have a lot of fun, I will check in often just to see how you're doing and to learn, because I just might start one aswell......


  2. How delighted I am to see you blogging! Soon enough you will be prolific and quite adept at manuevering all this stuff. And then when you do, guess what? Blogspot will change it's "look" and you will have to get adjusted all over again.
    Welcome to blogging Barb. And good to see Klasien. Yays.

  3. I would love to be close enough to stroll down your country lane with you - picking wild flowers along the way!!

  4. I seriously think, that you, Jean, and I are close enough in proximity, that strolling down your country lane just might be in order. I too live in the country, (that's what some people think) but close enough to St. Louis County and city to have anything I want or need within easy reach. I love your quilts, and aspire to do a real beauty one day. But If you were to ask my sisters, and mom (she passed this past Sept) they would probably tell you I already have. I am so looking forward to meeting some of my Missouri quilting sisters. Those like me that have a true passion and yes, addiction to quilting. I will make sure to visit your blog often.