Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting Excited!

It's another rainy morning, which seems to be the norm this week.  It rains in the morning and by early afternoon it feels like a sauna.  The birds and flowers are loving this!! This won't bother me today because I'll determined to shape up the sewing room today.  Yikes!!!  I think I see a copperhead snake in the lower right corner of the picture above!  They blend in so well with the gravel.  I was out there barefooted!

Don't let the pictures scare you ~ things are really under control!!  Yesterday I finished wrapping fabric onto comic book boards (300 total so far) and organized them inside the new cabinets.  Next is the closet and everything has been dragged out into a heap in the middle of the room.

Some quilters can create masterpieces in the midst of chaos ~ I'm not that kind of quilter.  I function better and relax better if my room is in order ~ notice I'm not saying it has to be perfect, but order is good for me.  The thing I like about the new cabinets is that I can close the doors and the room will look fine.  I will do a total reveal Monday if not sooner.

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with Peace & Plenty!

Hugs, Barb



  1. Hi Barb, I am so glad you were not bitten...I hate snakes! I'm sure your sewing room will be fantastic...I can't wait to see the finished product...I am working on a small room (8x10) for my sewing room...almost done...I am also a member of MSQC's forum and see your comments...I love all the tips and info from the quilters..have a great day, Carol

  2. Hey Barb
    What a fright. I would not go barefoot outside for a long while after that.
    Can't wait to see what you do with your new sewing room.
    You are always in my daily thoughts.

  3. Okay, I see the little guy there. Gosh!!! Barefoot!!! I'd likely be a hermit and never go outside if I lived there. Up here in the Great White North we don't get things like that. Snakes and spiders yes, but nothing deadly.
    The room is looking fabulous! How I envy you and so dream of organization in my space.....Soon will happen soon......