Friday, May 18, 2012

Ode To An Unknown Quilter

The quilt in the photos above is my choice for our bed in the summer.  I like a thinner quilt with lots of white for hot weather.  I wish I could say I made this charming quilt, but I did not.  A closer look at the tiny 3" blocks fills my heart with admiration for the quilter who sat and sewed 6,240 tiny triangles into 390 pinwheel blocks!  The fabrics are small prints and are a mix of blue, brown, pink and burgundy.  No one fabric is exceptionally pretty, but when put together it makes a lovely quilt.  Above and beyond the time spent piecing this quilt, it was then hand quilted!  I don't know if it was quilted by the same person who pieced it, but even so it was a huge project any way you look at it!  THANK YOU sister quilter for your dedication and perseverance!

I'm a better starter than finisher when it comes to making quilts.  This is evidenced by looking at all the UFO's hanging in my closet.  I start a quilt strong, giddy with the joy of planning the pattern and shopping for the fabrics.  I eventually finish my quilts, but often I'm a bit weary of them by the time I sew on the last border strip.  I fall in love with them again once they are quilted and the binding is added!  It's rather like being pregnant  ~~ you are overflowing with excitement and anticipation at the beginning ~~ it gets a bit tedious and tiring toward the end ~~ but the end result is more than worth the time and labor! 

None of us knows the ultimate fate of the quilts we so lovingly create.  Hopefully they will be in the care of someone who will be able to see that more than fabric and thread went into their making.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

~ Peace & Blessings ~


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  1. I have several of those quilts where the history is unknown - things I've picked up at sales and thrift stores, admiring the patterns, the individual fabrics, and the handwork. Like most of the quilts I have done (MY BAD) they don't have labels. I need to make that a top priority as my quilting achieves some semblance of perfections or creativeness.