Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Seeing Green

As a Baby Boomer I have downsized my home and belongings twice in the last few years.  Logically I think sizing down is a good thing.  Emotionally I'm not totally sold on downsizing, especially when it comes to my two favorite collections of quilts and green dishes.  Since today I will be washing the green dishes, I would like to invite you into my kitchen for a peek at my 'green'.

I began picking up green dishes at yard sales, auctions and flea markets in the 1980's.  It wasn't until I had a shelf full that I learned I was collecting Fire King Jadeite.  By then I was hooked and my quest for the 'green' shifted into high gear.  All was going well and Jadeite was affordable (even cheap) until Martha Stewart began her collection and the price of Jadeite went to the moon and flew off shelves everywhere.  Thanks, Martha!  About five years ago I decided the collection was complete enough.

Jadeite dishes were produced from the 1930's through the early 1970's by several different manufacturers.  They were often free bonuses in packages of flour and oatmeal and were also given away at gas stations and movie theaters.  Basically they were inexpensive and rather plain.  Who would have thought that some day these lovelies would make my Irish heart race!  I think most American kitchens probably have a piece or two of Jadeite in the back corner of a cabinet.  If you are young, you may remember seeing 'green' in your Grandma's kitchen.

Let's hear it for downsizing, but keeping those things that never fail to make you smile.  Wherever you are, I hope you have collected something that makes your heart sing!

I wish you Peace & Plenty...Barb


  1. How pretty is that display, I love the way you have done it.

    My collection is a bit more expensive, its cut crystal glass ware especiaslly jam or marmalade pots. I haunt the charity shops looking for them, but they do tend to be above my £5 per item limit. It all started when we bought a set of 60 crystal wine glasses.......I have two lovely crystal fruit bowls which are very heavy, a couple of crystal vases and friends bought us a crystal sugar shaker as a wedding present. We also bought a crystal biscuit barrel when we were in Harrogate on our very brief honeymoon.

    I believe in using the lovely things we have so we drink out of the glasses which are kept in the kitchen cupboards. I would love a unit like yours to display them on........the rest are on display on a wall unit in the sitting room along with other 'treasures' we have collected like the tiny coffee cups we bought one each time we visited France, stopped at 6, they were getting difficult to find.

  2. Oh how I love jadeite! Your collection is awesome; makes me want to check out Mom's stash of "junk" in her closets. I used to have a wee jadeite type of tea set. I have to go look and find it.

  3. I love the Jadeite but I love the yellow beehive honey pot even more because it almost matches mine! I collect carnival glass. I started when my MIL gave DH a pitcher and tumbler set that was his grandmother's. It's marigold carnival glass and, when I researched it, I found out it is Fenton Glass made in the 1930's. I picked up most of my pieces at yard sales, flea markets,etc and paid very little until the last few years when the prices climbed.