Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Welcome To My Mess

This morning started off very nicely...Hubby got off to work, Molly had her breakfast and I had a load of sheets merrily washing away.  I thought I would sit down and blog while eating a bowl of cereal.  I think you can see where this is going....the bowl of cereal slipped from my hand and crashed, splashed and broke on the table and all over my laptop, camera and a stack of fabric waiting to be folded.  What A Mess!!! 

My sewing room is progressing nicely but slowly.  After building the first cabinet we realized the cabinets must be bolted to the wall for safety reasons.  We also decided to put a piece of plywood underneath the cabinets to give them more of a firm foundation since the floor is carpeted.   So, back to the drawing board and searching the garage for the supplies to do this.  Tonight we will attempt to assemble cabinet #2.  

Hubby and I work very differently.  Allow me to preface this by saying that he is a general contractor and electrician and has done a LOT of building in his day.  I am a 'follow the directions' kind of girl.  So while he is grabbing boards and hardware and flipping them all over the room I sweat bullets and try to make sense of a booklet with no words, only diagrams!!  I am also a 'word' girl!   In the end everything will work out fine if I keep my eye on the prize.

Here's a little peek of what's going on in my tiny sewing room.

There will be three shelves on each side of the cabinet.  The rods are removable.  Lest you think my room is a blank slate, take a peek at the opposite side of the room!

For now I'm living in 'controlled chaos' with stacks of bins and miscellaneous quilting supplies in every room.  I can't wait to get my hands on these new cabinets and fill them up and get back to sewing!

I found a lovely old Dresden Plate quilt to share with you today that was made by my Grammy Rose.  I have no idea how old it is, but I do know the fabrics are very old.  The plates have eight fat blades and all the centers are solid yellow.  This quilt is hand pieced and beautifully hand quilted.  I believe this is my only Dresden Plate with sashing around each block.  Notice that this quilt has no borders, just sashing on the outer edges.    This quilt is in perfect condition.

I plan to visit a few of our local flea markets today and see what treasures might be waiting for me.

Until tomorrow I send you best wishes and a day filled with
Peace & Plenty

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