Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cozy Wednesday

We woke up to heavy rain very early this morning with lightning and the kind of rolling thunder that shakes the house.  It poured buckets of rain for about two hours and then slowed to a gently rain, the type that soaks into the ground rather than running off. 

Work on the sewing room continues and still looks like a war has taken place in there.  By next week I should have everything in order.  I have a wonderful king size quilt that just needs binding to be complete and I can't wait to start that project.  I prefer double fold French binding unless I have curves to deal with, and that requires bias binding so the curves will lie flat.  A lot of the old quilts were bound by turning the backing to the front and stitching it down.  Grammy Rose seldom took that shortcut, preferring to hand stitch her bindings down on the back of her quilts.

Every household with quilts most likely has a utility quilt or two.  These are the quilts you don't mind being dragged around by kids and gently used by the family dog or kitty.  Our vehicles each have a utility quilt for picnics or sleepy passengers. 

This is a utility quilt that's been in my family for many years.  It's made of mostly feed sacks and the patches are random size and in a random setting.  This quilt was definitely made for being used rather than for 'pretty'.  Considering the years of use and the many washings, this little quilt is in pretty good shape!

Until tomorrow I wish you a day filled with Peace & Plenty!

Blessings,  Barb

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