Monday, May 7, 2012

Border Block

I was startled awake this morning by a loud clap of thunder, which is my cue to jump out of bed and dash through the house unplugging TV's, the computer and sewing machine.  Thank goodness this effort was not in vain, as we are getting some slow steady rain on our parched land.  I moved some of the flowers off the porch to get a a cool shower.  This nice rain means our grass will grow like crazy and in a couple of days we will have to mow again. 

I'm stumped with what I'm calling Border Block...which may be like Writers Block.  I may have discovered a new syndrome that is unique to quilters.  I have a few quilt tops that need borders.  Well...I'm not totally sure they 'need' borders but most of my quilt 'have' borders.  I'm of the mindset that not all quilts benefit from having borders.  I think this is especially true of the new modern/geometric quilt patterns that are so popular right now.  I think that some of our traditional quilt patterns don't always need a border to look complete....such as the Log Cabin. Of course, if a quilt needs to be larger, borders are the obvious solution.  So today I will pull my little stash of quilt tops out and really try to have a breakthrough! 

My friend and LAQer has forewarned me that if I try to bring her quilts today she will be down her lane fishing in the spring.  So I will pack my fishing pole and swimsuit in case we want to jump into the spring to cool off.  The last time I jumped into water around here I came w-a-y to close to a snapping turtle and proved to myself that I can swim like an Olympian despite my age!!  It was almost walk-on-water time!  Maybe I'll just take my quilts and fishin' pole.

Today I'm sharing a pastel Dresden Plate quilt that my Grandma Nan, my Mom (Ruby) and I made together in 1988.  Nan machine pieced the plates, Mom did the hand quilting inside the blocks and I hand quilted the border and added the binding.  Mom was the keeper of the quilt until she passed away and now I'm the keeper of this quilt that has so many memories.  Mom had a crazy sense of humor and we three always had such good times whenever we got together.   Mom and Nan have both been gone for several years.

The pink flowers are wild roses that grow profusely in our area.  There are places where there are literally entire fields filled with them.  They are pretty much considered a nuisance despite their beauty because they are very hard to get rid of in pastures. They're pretty but very thorny.

Wherever you are I hope you have a great day....thanks for dropping in! 

Hugs & Happy Stitching....Barb

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  1. I knew I liked your Mama! Folks always think I must be in my 80s or 90s, another Ruby!

    You're so lucky to be the keeper of that Dresden quilt, it's lovely, love the quilting with the flowers and leaves. My bucket list gets shuffled around all the time by looking at all the great quilts. I looking for a quilt to handquilt, I think I would it!! :)

    Huggers, Ruby